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Period I

Blog entries posted by October 8, 2012

Online Discussions until October 29, 2012

Topic I: Nutrition Education & Promotion

blogged & discussed by: A1-A6

commented by: B1-B6


Discussion questions

  • What are some of the major challenges the USDA faces in creating and communicating dietary guidelines to Americans?
  • How might these challenges be tackled given the current budgetary climate as well as political climate?

Topic II: Child Nutrition in Schools

blogged & discussed by: B1-B6

Commented by: C1-C6


Discussion questions

Propose a concrete way to provide grants to expand salad bars to schools in a manner that is sustainable, low-cost and achieves the goal of increasing intake of fruits & vegetables. Describe eligibility criteria, measurable outcomes, budgetary requirements and timeline.

Topic III: Food and Menu Labeling

blogged & discussed by: C1-C6

commented by: D1-D6


Discussion questions

  • Do you think that in the long-run calorie menu labeling will have any affect on dietary choices? Why?
  • What are some of the challenges that the food industry (food manufacturers & food service) face in implementing nutrition information (via front-of-pack, claims or nutrition facts; and menu labeling) to consumers?

Topic IV : Food Security, Assistance and Access in the US

blogged & discussed by: D1-D6

commented by: A1-A6


Discussion questions

  • Food desert or food swamp? Does it matter?
  • Should resources be put towards combating one or the other, or on something else all together?


Period II

Blog entries posted by November 12, 2012

Online Discussions until December 1, 2012

Topic V: Food & Agriculture Policy (Farm Bill & Food Aid)


Discussion questions

Given the current economy and the budget deficit that the US faces, how can one defend the existing budget to food assistance programs? What are the economic and social arguments for or against the proposals to cut $16.5 billion from SNAP over the next 10 years?

Topic VI: US Food Industry (Manufacturing, Retailing & Food Service)


Discussion questions

  • Can improved nutrition be good for the bottom line?
  • How can the issues be framed and discussed as a win-win for both industry & public health?

Topic VII: Food marketing


Discussion questions

  • What are the arguments on each side of this food marketing restriction debate?
  • What do you think it would take for restrictions on food marketing to occur?

Topic VIII: Public health sector and Private industry interactions


Discussion questions

Is it naïve to think that it is possible to that the food industry can be a friend to public health? What are some of the ethnical or conflict of interests concerns that might make this challenging? How can these be addressed?


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